Flora and vegetation surveys

Anders Environmental Consulting provides effective and efficient flora and vegetation surveys. Our surveys apply scientific rigor, industry best practices and follow EPA and DBCA survey guidelines. We use fine scale GIS mapping to ensure a more accurate assessment of potential impacts.

Our services:

  • Level 1 and 2 flora and vegetation surveys
  • Threatened flora species and ecological community surveys and mapping
  • Weed surveys and management
  • Rehabilitation design, establishment and monitoring.

Fauna surveys

The Anders Environmental Consulting team encompasses significant expertise in fauna and habitat surveys. Our survey protocols are designed to complement existing standard survey guidelines with novel, creative and more effective methods of detecting and identifying fauna, ensuring an unparalleled end product.

Our services:

  • Level 1 and targeted terrestrial vertebrate fauna surveys
  • Threatened fauna searches and monitoring
  • Black Cockatoo surveys and habitat assessments.

Wetland assessment

We are experienced in undertaking a range of wetland assessments including: applications for wetland management re-classifications and boundary modifications, wetland management plans and rehabilitation establishment and monitoring.

Our services:

  • Wetland surveys for classification and boundary modification applications
  • Wetland management plans
  • Foreshore condition assessments and management plans
  • Rehabilitation of riparian areas and wetlands.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • Department of Treasury - Hammond Park High School Site Flora and vegetation survey and Threatened Black-cockatoo habitat assessment
  • Chevron - Wheatstone LNG Pre-feasibility Project - Pre-feasibility environmental assessments and Mangrove translocation program
  • Department of Parks and Wildlife - Flint Motorcross Trail Mundaring - Targeted flora survey


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