Recent Projects

Client: Department of Treasury

Project: Hammond Park High School Site

The proposed new high school site for Hammond Park required several environmental assessments including a Level 2 flora and vegetation survey and Threatened Black-Cockatoo assessment. The proposal impacted on Threatened Black-cockatoo habitat and Anders prepared an offset proposal using the EPBC offset calculator. During the approvals process phase, the new Banksia Woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain TEC was listed. Anders determined whether that the site contained and subsequently undertook a revised offset calculation and offset proposal, one of the first proposal for the new TEC listing.

Client: Chevron

Project: Wheatstone LNG Pre-feasibility Project, Onslow

Pre-feasibility environmental assessments and clearances

The project involved undertaking the vegetation clearance investigations for Chevron's Wheatstone site during the pre-feasibility stage of the project. The scope involved undertaking flora and vegetation assessments, data management and mapping of clearance areas using ArcGIS software. Chevron had strict conditions placed on clearance limits which required working closely with Chevron's site manager and engineers to determine clearance areas. Survey alignments changed regularly as new information came to hand, sometimes on a daily basis. An adaptive assessment approach was taken to work out the most efficient way to complete assessments so that works were not delayed.

Mangrove translocation program

A mangrove translocation and monitoring program was undertaken which involved developing a procedure for translocating mangrove populations (Avicennia marina) at risk of direct impact from clearing. The translocation program was developed in accordance with leading industry practices and Wheatstone Vegetation Clearance Permit requirements. Monitoring of translocation sites was conducted at two, six and twelve weeks periods.

Client: Department of Parks and Wildlife

Project: Flint Motorcross Trail Mundaring Targeted flora survey

A targeted search for Threatened and Priority flora species along the proposed motorcross trails. Several populations were mapped within and outside the project footprint and management recommendations for avoiding impacts to the Threatened and Priority flora populations were provided.

Client: Accent Resources

Project: Magnetite Range, Yalgoo

The project involved a Level 2 detailed survey of the project area within a very biodiverse region which involved mapping the various vegetation communities and condition through the implementation of over 40 quadrats. One of the key outcomes was extending the population range of a rare Allocasuarina species.


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